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Choose ESU for your Generac Automatic Generator Installation

We are an authorized dealer of Generac Automatic Generators, and have factory trained technicians for automatic generator installation. We can perform the maintenance according to the manufacturer and provide any necessary warranty work.

ESU staff is here to take your call day or night. Our employees have all passed background checks, drug checks and child abuse clearances so you are assured of you and your family’s safety throughout the working process.

Installation of Small to Large Home Generac Generators

At ESU we help our customers select the size / kw of any automatic backup Generac generator required to keep the home or business running during the next power outage. We ensure the proper generator placement in order to meet NEC and township code requirements. In addition, we take care of the inspections and get the required electric and gas permits for the installation of small to large home Generac generators. We will also coordinate our work with any other contractors that are needed. Our estimated price will include the cost of the automatic generator, the generator installation (hook-up of gas and electrical connections), and the permits and inspections. We will explain and show you how the automatic generator works as well as provide the recommended factory maintenance, providing any warranty or service work you need – making this a simple process for you!

We offer financing for Generac automatic generator purchase, small to large home generator installation and other electrical projects.

Some Pros:

  • This is the least expensive way to back up your home circuits

Some Cons:

  • You have to be home to move the generator from your shed or garage and set it up & start your generator at least 10 feet away from you home.
  • Most of these units are heavy & require a pull start so it can be hard for some people to move and start the engine.
  • REMEMBER never run a portable generator inside your home as you can be subject to carbon monoxide gases / poisoning
  • Also you cannot run the portable generator in the rain without some sort of weather proof enclosure
  • You have to refuel every 4 – 6 hours or run out for gas during the storm / power outage or keep a some gas stored in a safe place per OSHA & EPA regulations
  • Remember gas has a short fuel life of 3-6 months (so if you don’t use it, it can get in the carburetor of you generator and it will not run)
  • If you do not run your portable generator every few weeks, you will not know if it will start when you need it.

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