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Contact us today at
786-930-4300 for your Miami electrician needs and become one of our satisfied customers!


Contact us today at
786-930-4300 for your Miami electrician needs and become one of our satisfied customers

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When it comes to your electrical wiring, you want fast, responsive service from established professionals. You want Electrical Services Unlimited!

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Industrial Electrician

"Completing Your Project Goals With the Right Miami Industrial Electrician"

Electrical Services Unlimited, Inc. offers quick and efficient licensed industrial electrician services – time-critical electrical system solutions, trouble-shooting, and 24-hour service for the successful completion of your project.

The industrial electrician who understands your project timeline

A capable industrial electrician understands that delivering quality results and achieving your timeline means a successful project completion. To meet your expectations and project goals, a qualified industrial electrician must be:

1. Professional and responsible, and mindful of your goals and timeline; coming in on time to work on time-critical jobs and emergencies.
2. A competent troubleshooter with high-level creative problem-solving skills and knowledgeable of industry advances and changing technologies.
3. A good team member who can relate and work well with clients, contractors and fellow professionals.

What an Electrical Services Unlimited, Inc. electrician can do for you

You can trust that your project is in good hands with Electrical Services Unlimited, Inc. The company continues the tradition of providing old-fashioned high quality customer service which translates into meeting client goals and expectations. The company's highly experienced industrial electricians are some of the most qualified professionals in the industry. They are:

Licensed, bonded and insured.
Industry-certified and highly-skilled, with extensive experience in a wide variety of industrial electrical systems and jobs.
Capable of performing new installation, repair, and maintenance; troubleshooting and completing all the work according to the National Electric Code (NEC).
Capable of working during off-shift hours to finish time-critical tasks or emergencies and get repairs done quickly and efficiently.
Capable of working in challenging conditions – from indoor or outdoor areas, confined or cramped spaces, scaffold work, in adverse weather conditions.

Completing your goals with Electrical Services Unlimited, Inc.

Electrical Services Unlimited, Inc. is one of the top-rated industrial electrician services providers in Miami, Florida. The company provides industrial electrician services for clients in the construction, manufacturing, warehousing, IT and telecommunications industries.

A hallmark of Electrical Services Unlimited, Inc.'s service is developing positive working relationships by combining highly effective old-fashioned customer service with industry training and modern technical expertise. At Electrical Services Unlimited, Inc., you can find the industrial electrician service that will seek to exceed your expectations and help in you reach your goals.

Call us today at 786-930-4300 and allow Electrical Services Unlimited, Inc. to show you how its quick, reliable and efficient industrial electricians can meet your needs with total satisfaction.