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Why perform an Electrical Upgrade?

1. Do you experience flickering or dimming of your lights?
2. Do your circuit breakers trip frequently?
3. Do you hear crackling sounds or feel excessive heat from your panel box?
4. Do your fuses blow regularly?
5. Do you plan to add major electrical appliances, like a spa or hot tub, to your electric system?
6. Do you plan to renovate or make an addition to your home?
If you answer "YES" to any of these questions, you may need an electric upgrade.

What should I expect from and Electrical Panel or Service Upgrade?

1. Contact Higher ESU for an analysis to determine if a panel upgrade is needed.
2. If needed, the electric panel will be replaced with a code approved panel and circuit breakers.
3. A panel upgrade may require the replacement of associated electric service wiring as well.
4. A panel/service upgrade will update the main grounding system for added safety.
5. The electric power will be off typically less than a day for the upgrade to be completed.
6. Foods in a refrigerator or freezer will be safe during the time the panel upgrade is performed.
7. An electric permit is included for the upgrade and inspected by your local safety inspector.

​​What is an Electric Panel or Service Upgrade?

1. A panel and service upgrade improves the safety and reliability of your electric system.
2. A panel upgrade involves changing the electric panel equipment serving your home or business.
3. A panel upgrade is performed to replace outdated electric panel equipment.
4. A panel/service upgrade protects you with added safety to the electric system.
5. Electric utility companies prefer licensed electricians to perform electric panel/service upgrades.
6. An electric permit, from the building department, is required to perform panel/service upgrades.
7. A panel/service upgrade will add "VALUE" and "PEACE-of-MIND" for your home or business.